Koolatron Multi-Purpose Adapter 110AC to 12 Volts DC ( Model AC-15)

Selasa, 28 Mei 2013

  • Adapter lets you plug 12-volt devices into 110-volt outlets
  • Converts coolers, massagers, fans, and other 12-volt accessories
  • Lightweight, solid-state construction ensures durability
  • Overload and overcharge protection keeps appliances from overheating

Converts 110V/120V to 12 VKoolatron specializes in portable 12-volt devices, such as coolers, freezers, or microwaves, that plug into a car's cigarette lighter or other 12-volt source. With the Koolatron 110-volt adapter, you can use these same devices wherever you have access to a 110-volt outlet. Now your camping fan can double as a hotel fan when on the road, or your portable cooler can keep things from heating up once you reach your in-laws' house. The adapter works for any 12-volt accessory

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