Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine

Minggu, 19 Mei 2013

  • Durable, easy to clean surface
  • Wide range of optional accessories eliminate the need for many additional kitchen appliances
  • Integrated cable storage
  • 800w power
  • Easy-to-use (4 speeds plus impulse) with slower low-speed setting; faster high-speed setting
  • 6.5 quart high-volume mixing bowl with higher dough capacity
  • Dough hook, scraper and double beater included.
  • Security device, cover for both drives

Bosch 27s MUM6N10UC kitchen machine is a very powerful motor 2E It features a unique design 2C works well with small or large quantities 2C has suction feet for a secure standing 2C and much more 21 This improved design combines power and elegance with progressive technology and extreme longevity 2E The machine is easy to control with ergonomic one 2Dknob 2Doperation and new optimal safety features through the special bowl and blender locking systems 2E

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